The World Education Forum (WEF) was born in the heart of the World Social Forum, adopting its charter of principles and assuming the mission of prioritizing education in the construction of another possible world. In its seven years of existence, the WEF has built an important space among different movements that fight for education and associates pedagogical and social, environmental and cultural aspects, rediscovering the historical memory of fights for education, promoting many meetings and constituting itself in a network of people, institutions and organizations that are all articulated towards the accomplishment of a global calendar of planetary collective actions for an alternative to the neoliberal project, wich includes:

1. To struggle for universalizing the right to public education as a social and human right to learn, unseparable from other human rights; as a duty of the State, biding the struggle for education to the agenda of all movements and bodies involved in the construction of the WEF and the WSF processes;

2. To spread an emancipatory concept of education that respects and coexists with differences and similarities. A concept which is popular and democratic, centered in life, associated with the practice of justice, peace and sustainability in the world;

3. To guarantee the access to education and to the use of the wealth that is socially produced, giving priority to the oppressed, silented, explored and marginalized people in the world;

4. To promote social control over the financing designated to education and of a non-market oriented view of education;

5. To demand that governments and international bodies incorporate to their practices the priority they said to be given to education in their declarations.

We understand that general declarations are not enough. It is urgent that we formulate simple platforms that can be expanded into action plans. It is important to keep focus and not to assume engagements and new goals while previous ones have not been yet fulfilled. Our platform establishes precise points of action, which facilitates mobilization and citizen participation at local and global levels.

We have adopted the strategy of creating a Work Group for each point of this platform in order to maintain the WEF’s agenda and strengthen it as a global movement for planetary citizenship. As for our work methodology, we will try to interlink our platform with the agendas of Via Campesina, Via Urbana, Global Campaign for Education, Adult and Youth Education Movement, Women’s Movemen, Environmental Movement. Free Software Movement, Solidary Economy, Social Movements’ Popular University, Human Rights Movements, among others. The fullfillment of the proposed goals depends on constant articulation and mobilization of other movements. We have adopted the third week of November as a period of global mobilization for the right to education and we invite every person and every institution that wish to associates to this platform to do this in our website, where they can find the Proposals’s Billboard and concrete alternatives for an education for another possible world.

5th World Education Forum
Nairobi (Kenya), January 22nd, 2007

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